Monday, April 22, 2013


Better late to post than never, right?! Here´s a couple photos of my weekend trip to Madrid during the first weekend of this month. I went with some amazing girls from my program and had a fantastic time! Enjoy. :)

A pretty stately Capital, wouldn't you say?

Judy and I inside the Parque de Retiro

Fantastic traveling buddies!

Outside an awesome glass house inside the park.

Visiting the Botanical gardens of Madrid.
¡Me encantan flores!

Cooking dinner at our fabulous hostel. I could write a book on how to travel cheaply
 through Europe. ;) Only spent 12 euros on food the WHOLE weekend! Winning!

Visiting the massive cathedral.

Outside the cathedral.

Gloria y yo in front of the royal palace!

Definitely a successful weekend exploring Spain's capital city! 


  1. Very nice! ...and familiar... :)

    Love ya,

  2. Wow that hostel looks so lovely, clean, and "unsketchy" (quite a rarity with hostels I might add :))! I would definitely read your book on traveling through Europe. You are a pro! And what's more fun than great travel buddies to share the adventure with you.