Friday, May 17, 2013

A Trip to the End of the World

... Or so the preColumbus world used to think!
That´s right, I´ve seen what all Europeans used to believe was the end of the world- the coast of Portugal!
I enjoyed a fabulous weekend visiting the coastal cities of Faro and Lagos Portugal last weekend with my program. It was a great weekend full of sunshine, playas, swimming, and lots of fun! Hope you enjoy some pictures of the weekend...

Welcome to Portugal! 
or Boas-Vindas in Portugues ;) 
Yeah didn´t make much sense to me either...

Spent most of the day Saturday on a small cruise boat sailing the coast. 
So beautiful!

Portugal´s coast is so amazing because it´s filled with tons of caves and rock cliffs. 

We had a blast exploring the insides of the caves on a little speed boat.
 So fun! 

So apparently Portugal coffee´s REALLY strong, so being 
the Eisenmann that I am I had to try it...
Goodness gracious, you could get the same effect just 
by chewing on a bunch of coffee beans!! 
Needless to say, the espresso size was all I needed. ;) 

One of our first stops while driving to Lagos was Faro, 
Portugal where we toured a small chapel made out of   bones.
 The chapel was meant to show deep respect for the dead instead of simply burying them.

¡Me gusta la playa!
Spent lots of time on the beach! 

Sunday afternoon, we stopped by a beautiful vista before heading back to Granada.

This is at the southern most part of Europe. 
And... the closest spot to los Estados Unidos in all of Europe.
I think I can see America on the horizon!! 

Definitely a fabulous weekend! :) 


  1. Now I want to visit Portugal!

    Loved the double meaning of your second to last sentence! Can't wait to have you back home.


  2. That coast looks gorgeous!!!

  3. Sounds & looks sooo beautiful!! Reminded me of Voyage of the Dawn Treader and their journey to the end of the World! What a wonderful way to "end your time in Spain"!! Looking fwd to seeing/hugging you SOON!! Love, Tia Luann

  4. I agree with your dad peach-hun! I am glad that you are having an amazing time and are learning a lot but we miss you back home! Can't wait to see you!!!!

  5. Props on trying that strong coffee. You represented the Eisenmann name well :)