Monday, May 27, 2013

I'm Home!!

       So happy to be back in America! While it was hard to say goodbye to Granada, 
it is SO wonderful to be back home! So thankful to be welcomed home by such a wonderful family and fabulous amigos! :)

One last hug with some ISU friends after finishing customs at the airport.
We all lost our luggage, but we were SO happy to be back in los Estados Unidos! 
What an adventure it has been!

Reunited :) 

Soooo good to be back with the hermanito! 

Looking forward to lots more family nights like this all summer long! 

Here's a letter I found on my bed waiting for my return... Aww!
 It totally melted my heart. Thank you to each one who prayed for me this semester, 
including all my little amigos too. ;)  I am so beyond blessed by all of you! 
                                                                                            Mucho amor,
It's been an amazing semester! 

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  1. Wonderful to have you home! So fun to have someone else in the family to swap Spain stories with :) Good luck resetting your brain to English!